Nine People Including A Pilot Killed As Plane On A Sightseeing Tour Crashes In Alaska

Poor visibility is the chief deterrent in  the rescue operation launched in the wake of a plane's  possible crash into a granite rock reaching as high as 800 feet over a lake in Alaska. The plane is believed to have carried nine people within itself when it crashed. 

Eight of these passengers were on a sightseeing tour aboard the plane, while the dead include the pilot too. The eight passengers were on an excursion trip into Alaska. There are no reasons as to why the DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter turboprop crashed into Misty Fjords area in Alaska. The plane crashed in the vicinity of Ella Lake.

The NTSB has plans to get a team of skilled and trained personnel to look into the matter. The team is to have two members from Washington D.C., while three people are to be from Alaska. The exact reasons for the crash of the plane are still not known. Winds are said to have been blowing at quite a pace when the plane went down.

The eight passengers on board the plane are said to be a part of a cruise on a ship Westerdam. They were on a tour from Seattle. These flights offer tourist sights of granite cliffs and remote valleys from aboard the plane.

The incident can be related to another incident in  July 2013 when a similar plane found its way  into a few trees following an engine-failure in Prince of Wales Island.

None of the dead have been identified yet. Their families are to be notified as and when identification is complete.



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