Dangers of Distracted Driving

Millions of accidents occur annually due to distracted driving. These accidents are caused due to common stuff that we do each and every day like talking on the phone, eating a snack, putting on makeup etc. while driving.

Distracted driving can prove to be really dangerous for you, your passenger and for the person driving close to you. According to the Center for Disease Control nine or more people are killed daily because of wild and distracted driving. Different everyday activities like talking on your phone, eating food and texting are the major distractions for people who are driving. Texting is considered to be the most harmful distractions because it involves cognitive, visual and manual distractions at the same time.Texting is the type of distraction which affects people of different ages, especially young adults and teens. Young drivers have less experience in driving, especially in different traffic or weather conditions. Texting in these sorts of circumstances can prove to be fatal.

Different steps can be followed to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents which occur due to distracted driving. Everyone should be aware of the risks which are posed by distracted driving. Minor accidents can prove to be inconvenient and stressful while serious car accidents can be life threatening. So, in order to avoid accidents we need to focus on driving as much as possible and if we have an urge to talk on the phone or eat then it is ideal that we should pull over for a few minutes in order to have lunch or make a call with peace of mind.



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