Four things that are illegal if you visit Dubai

Dubai is a popular vacation destination for Westerners, but the region does have its own specific set of rules that would be unfamiliar to most. If you do plan to visit, make sure to keep these four laws in mind so you can better enjoy your stay and not end up in legal trouble:

  1. Be careful what you bring into the country. Dubai has very strict rules on items you can bring into the city. Most notably, you are not permitted to bring in pain killers, and even cold remedies are usually banned as well. Make sure to double check your travel bag before you leave, as being caught with these items can result in a mandatory four-year prison term.
  2. Sex outside marriage. If you are an unmarried couple, Dubai may not be the best place to visit. This rule is enforced, regardless of your religious affiliation or citizenship. Along the same lines, any public displays of affection are illegal.
  3. Alcohol. If you like to drink while on vacation, you’ll have to be mindful of limits in Dubai. Alcohol can only be obtained within top-rated hotels, and even then, any signs of being drunk in public can get you arrested.
  4. Photos. Taking photographs while on vacation is a part of the experience, but you’ll want to be careful in Dubai. Don’t take pictures of women or government buildings, as both are against the law and can get you in trouble. 


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